Identifying Butterflies by Photography 攝影辨蝶

Traditionally, catching and rearing butterflies are the methods for studying butterflies.  It remains true when you work on academic researches.  Alternative, if the focus is to watch or to count butterflies, watching butterflies with telescopes is also very enjoyable.  With binoculars, you gets a stereoscopic view that is unmatched by any 3D TV or theater.


Taking Photos of Butterflies

If you watch butterflies for leisure, taking photos of the butterflies may be a very good alternative.  There are many advantages over traditional ways to study butterflies:


  • You will not need to keep the butterflies.  In some places like forest reserves and national parks, you are prohibited from catching butterflies.
  • You may be able to capture very detailed photos even when the butterflies are out of reach.  When you review the photo on the camera, you may also enlarge it for easier observation.
  • You will be able to freeze the motion
  • You may identify the butterflies afterwards.


Despite all these advantages, , identification through photos may not be conclusive.  To accurately identify certain species, you may need to use some traditional methods such as getting hold of the specimens and dissecting them.


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