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While conservation is concerned in eco-activities, many beginners often do the wrong things.  The wrong things do not only refer to something harmful to the eco-system, but also to their over-reaction to normal and healthy eco-activities due to prejudice or misjudgment.  As an experienced butterfly watcher and as a specialist in digital imaging and video products, I would like to help the beginners by sharing my experience.  To achieve this goal, I decided to establish the new web site helping the beginners and offering a common space for the people.  The primary idea is to offer free space to the public.

The website project started back in 2009.  Test server was running at home.  After preliminary study, I started to use hosting service to run the website.  However, since I joined Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society as a council member, I used the developed back-end system as the society’s website.  As I was asked to manage and maintain the server of Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society, the development effort was all used for the society so the development of my own web site was basically suspended.  Since January 2014, I decided to resume the original project.

Apart from the integrated discussion forum, Butterfly-photo.com is also the web site for sharing my experiences in different aspects:

  • Butterfly watching and identification
  • Planning butterflying trips all over the world
  • Photography, specific to butterfly

Note to Butterfly Rearing and Collecting Specimen for Academic Purposes

Rearing butterflies and collecting specimen may be necessary for studying the butterflies.  However, it is clearly not necessary for every butterfly watchers to rear butterflies.  The butterfly-photo.com website is to promote eco-tour and eco-photography.  Watching and the photography of wild butterflies are encouraged.  For those who are interested in rearing butterflies, please use the forum of Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society.


Note to Non-academic Collection of Specimen or Commercial Activities such as butterfly trading

This web site is not meant to support any non-academic collection of specimens.  Commercial activities such as trading butterflies specimens are strictly prohibited.  Any violating content will be removed without notice.


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