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I am Arex “Giant Bear” Li, the web master of butterfly-photo.com.  As an enthusiast in butterfly watching, I have been taking photos and video clips around the world.  I have published photos of over 1000 species of butterflies on my photo gallery “Wo Xiong Butterfly Valley”.

I am one of the three founders of Hong Kong Butterfly Association.  I was a council member and the web master of the Hong Kong Lepidopterists’ Society (2010 to 2014).  I was also the editor of the publication Photographic Handbook of Hong Kong Butterflies (4th Ed.).

As a source of butterfly video clips, I supplied video clips to local organizations and local TV broadcaster for producing education programs.

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  1. Hi, Arex

    My name is Jinsub. I was so impressed and stunned by your video on YouTube.
    睇暮眼蝶吸樹汁 Melanitis phedima feeding on tree sap

    Your work inspired me to experience the closeup world. I read that you shot with Panasonic X900M and Raynox 5320pro Close Up Lens. Did you have to use any down ring beween the two?

    1. Yes, the Raynox 5320pro features a 72mm thread and the Panasonic X900M features a 49mm thread. I need a 49mm lens/72mm filter step up ring.

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