Sabah Revisited (2013)

In April 2010, I went to Sabah for butterfly watching.  This time, I revisited most of the spots I visited in 2010.  Unfortunately, the weather was quite cool so it was not good for butterflies.  I did not see as many butterflies as I did in April.

Crocker Range Park Station (Keningau Area)

Crocker Range Park is the largest National Park in Sabah.  The park station was situated at the middle part of the park.

Crocker Range Park Station

The “Crocker Trail” was one of the major trail for butterfly watching.  While it was cloudy, windy, and cool, I only saw very few butterflies.  In case you walk through the lower portion of the “Crocker Trail”, beware of leeches.  There was a “healthy” population in the lower climb-up section.

Crocker Trail

Crocker Range Park (Tambunan Area)

While the weather was not good, I took a short walk in Kipandi Butterfly Park.  Basically, I was not interested in butterflies reared in the net.  I just wanted to mark the GPS coordinates for future publications.


↓ Flos anniella (花灰蝶屬) outside Kipandi Butterfly Park
Flos anniella

The second spot I visited was Masakob Waterfall.  In 2010 trip, the place has already been shut down due to landslide.  Now, some kind of construction is taking place.  The site was simply inaccessible though the entrance still worth visiting.

The third spot I visited was Mahua Waterfall.  It was one of the major site in this area.

Cyrestis maenalis

Poring Hot Spring

The trail to the waterfall was the focus for this spot.  It was finally sunny.  However, the shade under the dense forest remained too cold for most butterflies.  I saw several Morphinae species.  Overall density was so so.

Kinabalu Park

It was raining and too cold for butterflies.  It may be a good spot for bird watching though.