Butterfly Watching in Taiwan (2013)

Due to geographical isolation and complexity in landscape, Taiwan has been one of the best place for butterflying.  This is the fifth times I went there for butterflying.  This time, I revisited The Northern Cross-Island Highway and Puli.

The Northern Cross-Island Highway (北橫公路)

The Northern Cross-Island Highway has been one of the best spot for butterflying.  The place has been known for Sasakia charonda (大紫蛺蝶) and Agehana maraho (台灣寬尾鳳蝶).Baleng Valley

This time, I was still able to spot the two famous species.  However, I was not able to take good pictures of them.  Still, I was able to spot several endemic species/subspecies that I have never seen before.

Sephisa daimio (台灣帥蛺蝶/臺灣燦蛺蝶) Chitoria chrysolora (金鎧蛺蝶/臺灣小紫蛺蝶)

Puli, Nantou (南投埔里)

In the old days, Puli was well known for the “butterfly industry”.  The weather was not very good.  Still, we were lucky enough to see some butterflies.

Puli, Nantou

Butterflies gathering around the stream-bank.Butterfly gathering around stream-bank


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