Butterfly Universe – Coeliades ramanatek

Recorded in Mantadia National Park, Madagascar.  It’s not endemic to Madagascar, but it’s not far from endemic.  Other than Madagascar, it’s only found in Comoro Islands nearby.

Recorded in Mantadia National Park, Madagascar
Recorded in Mantadia National Park, Madagascar

Butterfly Universe 賞蝶天外宇 – Phanus ecitonorum

It was a Pyrginae (spread-winged skippers).  Recorded in Amazonia within Ecuador.  Phanus is distributed in Central and South America.  All of them are having large area of transparent windows on the wings.

這是花弄蝶亞科的蝴蝶. 攝於厄瓜多爾的亞馬遜林區. Phanus屬的弄蝶分佈於中美及南美, 翅膀上均擁有大面積的透明斑紋.

Phanus ecitonorum

Butterfly Universe 賞蝶天外宇 – Livendula huebneri

Recorded in Amazonia within Ecuador.  Comparing to other Eco zones, there are more Riodinidae species.  However, many of them behaves like Celaenorrhinus sp. in Asia.  During the day, they like to stay under the leaves.  Shooting them with traditional DSLR is not very suitable.  To avoid missing huge amount of Riodinidae species, we need to pick some equipment specifically.  During the trip, I used Canon G11 with the articulating screen.
攝於厄瓜多爾的亞馬遜林區. 相比其他地區, 亞馬遜林區有相當多的蜆蝶科蝴蝶. 不過習性上, 很像亞洲這邊的星弄蝶, 日間愛停在葉片下. 拍攝這些蝴蝶時, 使用傳統單反機反而很無力. 為了不錯失大量蜆蝶科蝴蝶, 在選用器材上確實需要採取針對性的. 這次採用的相機, 是可以掀出螢幕的Canon G11.